How to Use Period Calculator

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Are you having problems determining the dates for your monthly period? If so, you should know that a period calculator will help you to estimate the date for your next menstruation. This calculator can give estimated details including the starting dates for your periods over the next twelve months or the next year.
You might be thinking that you don’t need to know your period date for every month, but imagine how this information will come in useful if you are actually planning to conceive. The calculator is very simple to use. You are only required to input the starting date for your last period, in addition the average length of your menstrual cycle.

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period:

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Usual number of days in your cycle:

A calendar can be used to keep a track of your monthly periods, so this is a good way to know the first and last days. As for the length of your average cycle or period cycle, this would be the time length in days, starting from Day 1 of a menstrual period and ending at Day 1 of the other. A normal menstruation period can take 2 to 7 days.

After entering the required information, the calculator will present the dates in no time without any hassles!

Menstrual Cycle

Most couples have a hard time when trying to conceive naturally, with some taking about one year. If you can relate to this, then you need to take time to understand menstrual cycle as well as the calendar for ovulation as this can improve your chances of conceiving. Knowing your menstrual cycle will help you to ascertain your ovulation days more accurately.

There are three phases in the menstrual cycle: the follicular, ovulation and luteal. The period for ovulation will be your most fertile time and this will occur about 10 to 12 hours after a LH surge. The length of your menstrual cycle is the number of days that the cycle lasts, which is different from the length of your period. The day when your period begins is cycle day; the beginning of a brand-new menstrual cycle.
On average, 28 days is the length for a woman’s menstrual cycle and the period length is 3 to 5 days. However, this is not the case for everyone as some have longer or shorter cycles which can vary monthly by a few days.
To calculate the length of your menstrual cycle, you can count the days from the first day of your period and go up to the day prior to the start of your next period. In turn, the average cycle length can be calculated by adding the length for each individual cycle and then divide by the overall number of cycles.


Ovulation occurs whenever the ovary releases a mature egg into your fallopian tube in preparation for fertilization. If you have been trying to conceive without success, then it is very important to understand your ovulation and menstrual cycle. Knowing this will help you to predict your most fertile days. An ovulation calendar is a proficient tool that can help you to ascertain your ovulating days.

With the help of an ovulation calendar, you can calculate the days when conception is most likely to occur. This calendar can be supported by an ovulation kit as it offers a great way for you to double check the high fertility days.
The ovulation calendar calculates the odds of conceiving by using a method that is based on the ovulation period as well as other factors such as the life expectancy of the egg and sperm. It will provide information that is even more accurate if you know the length of your menstrual cycle. A simple way to determine this is to track the number of days in your cycle, for around 3 to 4 months. You could have the regular 28 day cycle like most women, or it can vary between 29 and 32 days.

Calculating Due Date

When you get pregnant, you might be anxious to know your due date, just like every other expecting mom. In this case, a due date calculator will come in really handy. This tool will use the first day of the last period in order to calculate when you will give birth. It also uses the estimated time for your ovulation to determine when your baby will be born.

All you have to do is type in the exact date for the first day of the last menstrual cycle and the amount of days that your cycle normally runs. After that, you will receive an approximate date for the time when you will give birth. Note that the calculator will only give an approximate date based on the forty week calendar that is used for normal pregnancies. Furthermore, the result will be based on any data that you give. The predictions from these calculators are 80% accurate, so this is something that you need to keep mind. Of course, the real due date will still be dependent on the time when your baby is well good and ready to be born.

20 thoughts on “How to Use Period Calculator

  1. Sudipto Sur.

    My wife is taking Dromis 30 to avoid getting pregnant. Her doctor suggested to take it from 5th day. But she is confused with the calculations. If her period starts on 2nd Feb at 10pm in the night then is it assumed that the first day continues till 10pm on 3rd Feb. Then is it ok if she has taken the medicine on 7th at 12:30pm?

    1. Jane Post author

      I’m really sorry, but we cannot give medical advice, especially if she’s taking pills. Please consult her physician

  2. Natalie

    I have not had my cycle since January 27,2014 do you think that I may have became pregnant I took a test but it is negative.

    1. Jane Post author

      Well, there’s a possibility, but periods are often late. Wait a few more days and test again. If you don’t receive your period in the next 14 days, try consulting your physician for a blood test

  3. Nickesha Hrper

    So why do i have mine started today March 3 rd when it is due tomorrow

    1. Jane Post author

      Our menstrual cycles are not always predictable or regular. It may be that your cycle is just a little shorter this month.

  4. Fouzi

    My last period started on the 3rd of February and I am still waiting I did two hpt but came out negative. I am waiting few more days untilI do aanother one but do you think I may be pregnant? I did have light spottings a week ago but it was only twice.

    1. Jane Post author

      It is possible. It is possible the light spotting you mentioned was implantation bleeding, something that commonly happens when the egg is implanting in the uterine lining after fertilization has occurred. However, it is also possible your cycle is late or you may miss a cycle for an unknown reason. If your period hasn’t happened yet, and you are still getting negative pregnancy tests, it is best to consult your gynecologist or family doctor.

  5. sarah

    My last menstrual cycle is on the 22nd Jan 2014. Till now my period had not come. Did a few test but turn out to be negative… is there any possibility I’m pregnant?

    1. Jane Post author

      It is possible that you are pregnant. It is also possible that you are not. You may simply have missed a cycle due to hormonal fluctuations, sickness, stress, etc. If you are not getting a positive test but are worried about a pregnancy, check with your doctor and ask for a blood test.

  6. T,,Princess Agie

    well i had being having sex even on my ovalution day,,but still unable to concieve,,,i don knw what is the problem..any advice to boost my chances of getting pregnant

  7. nono

    Um taking flex seed oil supplement trying to get pregnat will it help?worried

  8. tayj

    The last time I started my period was feb 20 2014 it is now march 25 and I still haven’t started my period I am 20 years old I weigh bout 120 pounds idk how late I am on my period due to these period caculators on the internet its sayin I shouldve started my period march 20 idk how accurate these are but I’m 5 days late soo am I pregnant I haven’t had no symptoms yet ?

    1. sara

      I have the same problem and today its the 27 and still nothing did u get ur period or no ?

  9. genny

    hi,I have a concern ,I feel my breast hurts since a week ago.a lot of fluit from my vagina is coming , lower back pain.headache sometimes.i did since Saturday 22 ,2014 pregnant test and came with a clear line positive,and yesterday Thursday march 26,2014 and also the test came positive a clear line appear .so my question is iam pregnant yes oh no.

  10. Gigi

    Last period was march1 2014 lasted 5 days.current pediod started march28 2014, planning wedding december20 2014 will i be safe.

  11. isabelle

    hi,my reply is for those who lost their period and thinking that they are pregnant. this issue of pregnant things I think only God knows why it is happening like that, even me myself surviving the same history, during my fertility time I had sex with my hubby but nothing happen,so even if your period is late doesn’t mean that you are pregnant…..

  12. Sabrina

    My period was on March 10 2014 i stayed on for 6 days now its April 12 when do i post to come on im so scared i hope im pregnant


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