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Is It Safe to Smoke or Drink during Pregnancy?

Women who smoke and/or drink alcohol often wonder if it’s safe to continue their habits when they get pregnant. Unfortunately, the answer is “No.” Experts have not yet determined the exact levels at which alcohol can be considered “safe” for fetuses — and it’s already been established that nicotine and tobacco aren’t safe and healthy… Read More »

What To Do If Your Pregnancy Is Overdue

One of the major highlights of a woman’s life is when she is pregnant. Depending on the situation, she might either be happy or sad, as the case may be. This period of a woman’s life is very delicate and so much attention should be given to it. What do you mean when you say… Read More »

How Reliable Are Home Pregnancy Tests?

There is a lot at stake when you think you may be pregnant. Pregnancy is a life-changing event. If you have been trying to get pregnant, there is the anticipation of finding out that your dream has come true. If you haven’t been trying to become pregnant, you might be afraid of getting a positive… Read More »

How to Recognize Braxton Hicks Contractions

You’re heading towards the final weeks of your pregnancy when you feel it: something feels like it’s tightening in your abdomen, a slight pain or squeezing twinge. You panic, thinking that you are soon going into labor, and head to the hospital weeks before your due date. It turns out these contractions you were feeling… Read More »

Do Women’s Feet Get Bigger During Pregnancy?

There’s no doubt that pregnancy shapes and changes every woman’s body. The process of carrying a child is enough to significantly alter the way your body carries itself, as it must adapt and evolve to coincide with a successful pregnancy. And while it is no secret that your belly will grow and you will gain… Read More »

Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

Many women are curious about the potential benefits that prenatal vitamins have on a women trying to get pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are important for supplying women with the nutrients critical to conceiving and carrying a healthy baby. Since normal dietary habits are sometimes not enough to maintain the heightened amount of nutrients needed for pregnancies,… Read More »

How to Treat Fever During Pregnancy

If you are running a fever during your pregnancy, your body is building a normal defense mechanism against a possible infection. However, an extended or prolonged fever can have damaging effects on you and the baby during pregnancy if it is not treated. Experiencing a fever during pregnancy has the same ordinary symptoms that include… Read More »

Caesarean Section Delivery

A Caesarean section delivery is a surgical procedure used in pregnancy deliveries. During the C-section surgery, the baby is surgically removed through the mother’s abdomen through a surgical incision in the abdomen and uterus. It is a fairly common procedure that is often performed during unexpected problems during the delivery, such as the position of… Read More »

Signs of Placental Abruption

Placental abruption is a serious problem of pregnancy, and it’s more likely to occur during the last trimester. Often it happens suddenly and can put the baby and mother at risk if left untreated. This article will tell you about the signs of placental abruption and more. First, you should know that the placenta develops… Read More »