Online Pregnancy Test

Take this online pregnancy test and find out if you’re pregnant.
Disclaimer: this test cannot replace a home pregnancy test. Consult your physician or OB/GYN if you suspect that you’re pregnant.


Do you have the feeling of strange, ‘metallic’ taste in your mouth?


Is there anything unusual with your nipples or areolas?


Do you have the crave to eat a lot, even late at night?


Have you had any headaches during the last several weeks?


Do you feel some mild abdominal cramping?


Have you noticed slight blood trace on your underwear?


Do you find some usual food repulsive lately?


Have you vomitted lately?


Do you think you are too sensitive about everything around you?


Have you had any big weight oscillations during the last several weeks?


Do you find yourself changing your mood for no particular reason?


Do you find yourself urinating more often than usual?


Do you have troubles with constipation or diarrhea?


Do you feel too tired even when you had enough sleep?


Have you had any problems with gases recently?


Do your gums bleed while you’re brushing your teeth?


Do you use condoms, pills or other contraceptives on regular basis?


Have you felt dizzy lately?


Have you noticed anything unusual about your breasts?


Have you had your period after your last sexual intercourse?


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7 thoughts on “Online Pregnancy Test

  1. Ronda Lynn

    I have gotten my period since Dec 5/14, my husband and I had sex on Dec 25/14 on days after I ovulate, I’ve had 3 neg hpt and a neg blood test. could I be pregnant?

    1. Jane Post author

      Hi Ronda, it seems that all those tests confirmed that you’re not pregnant. Keep on trying… Good luck

  2. Jennifer Newkirk

    Have not had menstrol for two and half months? The last 6 months of menstrol I did get last menstrol was two days light? I’ve notice symptoms too!

  3. Lawal

    Hi pls I had my last period DEC 31 ,I didn’t see my period jan so I did pregnancy test Jan 31st it was positive but my surprise I saw my period on 10th of Feb. is it that I had a miscarriage? Because I don’t understand the reason of this pls tell me

  4. Sue

    Hi there Lawal! Yes, that might be a miscarriage. You should visit a doctor and get yourself checked. Best Regards


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