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Find out when you ovulate with fertility calendar

Getting pregnant is not always straightforward for most couples, so you might want to find out when you will ovulate to improve your chances if you are having problems. In case you are not aware of this, it is possible to find out when you ovulate with fertility calendar. Many women use this calendar to… Read More »

Ovulating Twice in One Month

Is it possible for a woman to ovulate two times in one cycle? This is a question that seems to be quite common today, but the answer is somewhat complicated and will depend on one’s definition of ovulation. You can read on below to learn more about the possibility of ovulating twice in one month.… Read More »

Ovulation After Miscarriage

Are you worried about ovulation after miscarriage? Most women are always worried about ovulating after they suffer from a miscarriage, afraid that they might not be able to conceive again. But, it’s hard to predict the precise time for ovulation because it varies from one person to the next. If you want to know more… Read More »

Bleeding or Spotting During Ovulation: What You Should Know

Noticing blood or discharge in your panties when it isn’t time for your period can be upsetting, but you should know that bleeding or spotting during ovulation isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s completely normal, and it’s even a sign that you can look out for if you are currently trying to get pregnant.… Read More »

When are you most fertile

Are you and your partner trying to have a baby without success? If so, keep reading below as this article will give information on your most fertile days. How to Find Out When Are You Most Fertile First, you need to know about ovulation to understand your most fertile period. Ovulation takes place when the… Read More »

How fertile are you after your period

Want to know how fertile are you after your period? It could be that you are trying to get pregnant and it is taking longer than you thought. Your body will go through different changes monthly during your menstrual cycle to prepare for conception. These changes will also give you clues about ovulation. First of… Read More »

How accurate are ovulation tests

The best way to know the most appropriate time for you to get pregnant is by tracking your ovulation using fertility awareness procedures. There are fertility monitors and ovulation kits that can help you to know your expected date for ovulation. If you are familiar with these solutions, like most people, you might want to… Read More »

Using cervical mucus and cervical position to predict ovulation

Women usually use calendar charting, cervical mucus, basal body temperature and cervical observation as methods to predict ovulation. Changes in the cervical mucus and the cervix position can help you to determine when you are ovulating if you are trying to conceive. The information in this article will tell you about using cervical mucus and… Read More »