How to calculate your due date

By | September 17, 2013

Are you are excited and anxious about welcoming your new baby to the world? If yes, you might also want to know how to calculate your due date. Well, you have come to the right place.
The first thing you need to understand is that no method will give you a result which is 100% accurate. In most instances, a full term pregnancy will be for about 40 weeks, but this time could vary due to many different factors.

Now, let’s focus on how to calculate your due date.
There are calculators available that will help you to do this calculation. Whether you are using the online or offline type, this calculator will take certain things into account. This include information like your conception date; the starting date of your last period and the length of your regular period cycle.

If you are using an online calculator, you would enter the details in the required box to get the results. To calculate without the online tool, you could either add 266 days or 38 weeks to your ovulation date or 280 days/40 weeks to the very first day of your previous menstrual period. Bear in mind that this would be based on a normal 28 day cycle, which means that your date might be later or early than expected.

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Usual number of days in your cycle:

You should remember that you will get a rough estimate when calculating your due date. In general, babies usually decide whether they want to come late or early so you should try to relax.

Since you want to know how to calculate your due date, you should also understand what could trigger an early or late birth.
Even though it is possible to calculate your due date today and get result that is pretty close, some factors could have negative impacts on the signs of pregnancy to cause a premature delivery. Some of these factors include unhealthy eating habits, nutrition and cervical incompetence.

In most cases, women will give birth between thirty-eight and forty-two weeks but this does not happen all the time. Most first time mothers have their baby after the calculated due date. Pregnancies which go over the 42 weeks can be dangerous and could lead to perinatal death. This is why it’s important to get regular checks for your doctor to monitor your situation and offer solutions during the course of your pregnancy.

It is very important to know how to calculate your due date as this will help you to make the most appropriate plans and be well-prepared for the big moment. You should definitely keep this information in mind to ensure that you are able to give birth without the added stress.

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6 thoughts on “How to calculate your due date

  1. Joice

    Hello,please i need your help on my issue. I don’t know if my period is regular and not regular,please what should i do to make it regular?my four month circle till date is this, april was on the 24th, may was 20th,june was 14th and then july 11th.please i want to know what do about this whole thing i.e if there is anything that i can take to correct or boost my system. I got married since 2012 december and am yet to concive, am very worried now. Thanks as i wait for your reply…

  2. Clepetark

    Hi , you seem to have a decent cycle. to get pregnant with a short or irregular cycle, the magic recipe is that you have to consider the first day of your period as the day 1 of your cycle. Your fertility window is day 11 to 17. For short cycle we can even push it to be day 9 to 17. During this window, and this is the most important thing … have intimacy only one day on two … to allow more mature spermatozoids to be released. As they live 72h in the womb. there will be always some in between the intercourses and the entire window will be covered as, you might know the egg can be fertilize only a few hour before degrading. There is nothing that cam make you being regular out than hormonal intake, that will be prescribed to you by a doctor. But if you try to conceive for 2 years without result you might want to have a fertility screening done on both of you ….

    Good luck

  3. gift

    Good day to you, please I want to know if this is normal,my circle for july was 26 days,august was 28 days and november is 29 days, what I want to know is that, WHY does it increase like that, thus that mean that am supose to get pregnant and at the end the period will come or what could be the problem?please I wait your reply, thanks..

    1. Clepetark

      Hi !

      There is no need to get worried, many women will never be regular by themselves having a cycle between 21 to 35 days is in the norm. If being irregular is causing you stress or discomfort speak to your physician that can recommand you to take a birth control pill that will set you like a clock

      Good luck


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