April 30, 2023

Best Pregnancy Pillow – Buying Guide

If you are pregnant, then you can expect your tummy to expand as the baby grows. With this new size, you will face new challenges including not being able to sleep comfortably. There are a wide varieties of pregnancy pillows on the market so you have to do your research to find the best suited one. You can read this best pregnancy pillow buying guide to get started.

First, let us look at why you need a pregnancy pillow.

A pregnancy pillow, also called a ‘maternity pillow’, is designed specifically to provide support to your body. While you can get some support from a regular pillow during pregnancy, it will not be very comfortable. A regular pillow is not going to conform properly to your brand-new shape and does not provide adequate support.

It is important to know the best features to look for as well as your needs before buying a pregnancy pillow. You will definitely have to do some extra research to find the best one. The following guide will provide important information to help make the decision process go smoothly.

Best Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide

The first step to take when you want to choose the best maternity pillow would be to decide on the type. Your body will have its own unique requirements based on any medical condition that you might be suffering from. As an example, you are going to need a pillow that can provide good back support if you are struggling with back pain.
The weight and size of the pillow are important factors to consider as well, especially if you move around or travel frequently. Just like the types, you will find different sizes and shapes to choose from.

Here are some of the different types of maternity or pregnancy pillows:
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wedge pillowWedge pillow: This type of pregnancy pillow is designed to slide easily under your tummy or back in order to provide the much needed support during the night. Many women like these wedges, not just because they are one of the cheapest solutions available, but also due to their practicality as you could use one after giving birth. In addition to that, the wedge design will allow you to use the pillow in many different positions such as behind the back, under the tummy and under a regular pillow.

total body pillowTotal body pillow: The total body pillow will wrap around the outside of your pregnant body, offering superior support. In general, these pillows are about five or six feet in length, a big enough size for most people to curl up easily inside. This pillow will hug your body at the front and back. It might be just the type that you need if you are always waking up with a sore back in the morning and requires some extra spinal support. Check the selection of total body pillows on amazon.com.

full body pillowFull length pillow: Just as the name suggests, this pregnancy pillow will run along the entire length of your body. This type is also called ‘body pillow’ and it always comes in straight styles. If you are accustomed to using a number of regular pillows during sleep then this will come in really handy. The advantage of using a full length pregnancy pillow would be that it’s a single unit that will stay in place. These pillows are great for cuddling but they will provide less support for the tummy when compared to other styles of maternity pillows.

Another thing to do is to determine your exact needs for a support pillow. When making the best pillows, the companies usually focus on the common issues which pregnancy causes such as pain in the shoulders, neck, back, legs, and hips. The pregnancy support pillows are available in various styles, shapes, sizes and materials so you should choose based on your requirements and their features. For instance, a full sized body pregnancy pillow can wrap you up all over and will be a good choice if you have hip and back pain.

The dimension of the pillow is important as this will help you to determine the height, length, and width of each pillow. Most of the best maternity pillows are in standard sizes which mean that you should not have any problem. However, if you want a large body pillow, the size of the bed could be a problem. A king size bed could easily support a big pillow without you shifting your partner towards the bed corner. On the other hand, one of the medium size pillows could easily adjust with a queen-sized bed to give enough space.

Ultimately, the ideal pillow will be one that wraps around your body and provide excellent support for your belly and back.

Be sure to keep the information in this best pregnancy pillow buying guide in mind when shopping. This pillow will definitely be a great investment if you cannot sleep at night because of constant turning and tossing. There is no doubt that your partner will love this new pillow.

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