April 25, 2023

What can cause heavy bleeding during your period

Most women experience heavy bleeding or menorrhagia during period. It is actually normal to have a heavy flow during period every once in a while, but it could be cause for concern if this type of bleeding continues on a regular basis. Have you been seeing a heavier flow in your period for some time now? If so, you should not take it too lightly. Read on below to know more as this article will tell you what can cause heavy bleeding during your period.

Menorrhagia or heavy menstrual periods are the most common form of abnormal bleeding that is linked to the uterus. Your periods will be considered heavy if you have to change a tampon or pad every hour. You might have to do this for several consecutive hours, especially during the nighttime. Other possible symptoms include having your period for longer than 7 seven days and passing very large clots during your period.

In severe cases, a heavy period can interfere with your daily activities and sleep. In addition, heavy periods can lead to anemia and cause you to experience symptoms such as shortness of breath and fatigue.

What Can Cause Heavy Bleeding During Your Period

Hormones: If you are a young girl or a woman who is close to menopause, you might experience heavy bleeding for at least one time in the first year. This situation is normal as it results from hormonal changes. However, you should monitor it very closely because too much blood loss can result in other complications.

Ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage: This can happen when a fertilized egg is implanted outside of the uterus.

Uterine fibroids: Excessive or sudden production of estrogen can cause you to develop fibroids. The fibroid tumor is non-cancerous and benign, but it can cause heavy bleeding. Since the tumor is caused by estrogen, it can develop faster during period and pregnancy when the hormone is produced more.

Uterine polyps: These are small growths on the uterus lining and they usually appear because of hormonal changes. Women in the late twenties to mid-forties are more likely to have uterus polyps, which can cause heavier blood flow during period.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: This disease is caused by an infection inside the uterine lining, fallopian tubes or the ovaries. You can get PID from surgical procedures such as cesarean delivery or abortion, unprotected sex, and more. Many teenage girls who are sexually active fall prey to this disease without knowing its dangers.

Medications: Like some women, you might be experiencing heavy bleeding during period because you are using birth control pills or taking medication for other ailments. The medications which are given for inflammations can cause heavy and uninterrupted flow for some time as well.

There are additional resources available if you need more information on what can cause heavy bleeding during your period.

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