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Usual signs of perimenopause

Are you having irregular periods or experiencing more problems monthly? Is your hormone going out of whack and making you feel as if you are constantly on a rollercoaster ride? If yes, you might be experiencing some of the usual signs of perimenopause. Perimenopause occurs during the time when the body takes two to six… Read More »

What is perimenopause

Many people believe that a woman will produce less reproductive hormones and see a reduction in menstrual period during menopause, but this is not entirely true. There is actually the period shortly before when menopause would start and this is called perimenoupause. For menopause, you would count from the last period to twelve months. Read… Read More »

What are the signs of menopause

Menopause generally occurs in adult women sometime after they reach forty and it signals the end of their fertile period. Medically, a woman will reach menopause when she have missed periods for twelve successive months. Before then, it’s important for a woman to use birth control when they are not trying to get pregnant. If… Read More »