April 29, 2023

Urine or Saliva Based Ovulation Kit: Which One Is The Right For You

It can be frustrating and difficult to know the right time for you to try and get pregnant. Thankfully, there are ovulation predictor kits available to help you pinpoint the days when you are most fertile. The information below will help you to decide which test is the right one, whether it’s the urine or saliva based ovulation kits.

First, the ovulation process takes place when the ovary releases one egg or more. There are 15 to 20 mature eggs in one of your ovaries each month and the largest one will be pushed inside the pelvic cavity and then the fallopian tube. If your egg is not fertilized, it can only survive for twelve to twenty-four hours. This means that you only have a small window to conceive each month. Your most fertile days or your fertile window would be the period leading up to your ovulation.

It’s important to note that sperm can survive inside your body for as much as seven days. Most conceptions take place when couples have sex within the two day period before ovulation. This is a good time to have sex if you want to increase your chances.

Urine or saliva based ovulation kits: which one is the right for you

You can use ovulation predictor kits to help you identify when you are most fertile. There is actually no evidence to show that your chances of conceiving naturally will improve if you use them, so the best option is to continue having regular sex during your cycle.

The ovulation kits have become extremely popular in recent years, because they offer a simple solution for persons who are looking for home-based methods. There are currently two standard types, the urine based and the saliva based kits.
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Urine-based Ovulation Kits

urine based ovulation kitThe urine kit can detect the surge or increase in Luteinizing hormone (LH) level that occurs before ovulation. It will depend on the type that you are using, but you would either have to hold a stick under your urine stream or collect the urine inside a cup. The test strip or stick will show colored lines or bands to tell whether or not there is a surge in the LH.

Unlike the pregnancy test, the result is not positive if the test band color is lighter than the control one. The result is positive only if the color of the test band is darker or equal in shade to the control band. You should not use the first morning urine as a sample for this test because the Luteinizing Hormone is synthesized in the body at this time. The recommended time is about 2pm. When you get a positive result, ovulation will occur in the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours and you should have intercourse during this time.

It is very important to follow the instructions provided very closely to avoid using this kit like a pregnancy test.

When it comes to reliability, the urine-based ovulation kits are generally very accurate in pinpointing the LH surge. However, it is not always easy to interpret the results. These kits can be very helpful when you are trying to conceive, but they’re not fail-safe. One of the better rated urine-based kits is Cleablue digital ovulation test. You’ll find it at the best price on Amazon.

Saliva-based Ovulation Kits

saliva based ovulation kitThe saliva kits are the new generation tests and they are made to make use of optical technology. This type can detect the surge in estrogen which occurs before ovulation. When your estrogen levels surge because of the growing follicles in the ovaries, the salt content in your saliva will increase as well.

A saliva-based ovulation kit is basically a small, portable microscope that has similar looks to a lipstick case. When using this test, you can use a clean finger to put some saliva (preferably without the bubbles) on the slide or lick the slide to get it on. This saliva will dry out and the salt will crystallize to make a pattern that is similar to ferns. You are recommended to do this test before brushing your teeth, eating, or drinking. When the saliva dries out, the microscope can be used to observe the fern-like pattern. The results can be compared to the examples given on the instructions. A positive result would mean that your ovulation will start within seventy-four hours and you should have intercourse during this time.

As for the reliability, research shows that the saliva based kits offer 98% accuracy because of the high connection between the salt crystallization and estrogen levels. These kits are now relatively inexpensive and are easy and quick to use, but it can be difficult for you to interpret the readings on the slides and they might not work for everyone.

When compared to urine, the saliva sample will be less messy and hygienic. Since optical lens are used in this ovulation microscope, they can be cleaned easily and reused without you having to spend mores over time. On the other hand, you need a strip to take each urine test and you have to spend more to get extra ones.

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At the end of the day, the urine based and saliva based ovulation kits have their limitations so you have to do your own testing to find the right one for you.

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