April 25, 2023

What’s The Best Lubricant To Use When Trying To Get Pregnant

When couples are trying to get pregnant it can be a stressful time, even more so if they are getting advice from everyone. Of course, some people means well and usually have their best interests at heart, but the contradictory information that is available will make it hard for them to separate facts from fictions. If you are in this situation, then it is highly likely that you have heard the common one about using lubricants to increase your chances of conceiving. However, all the vaginal lubricants are not safe as they are said to be toxic to sperm and can interfere with the function of the cervical mucus. So, what’s the best lubricant to use when trying to get pregnant? Read on to find out.

Personal lubricants are solutions which are made to make the vagina wetter in order to prevent friction during sex and make intercourse feel more pleasurable. There are many different types and brands available today. Most of the store-bought lubricants are made from silicon or water, some are flavored and scented or they provide tingling, cooling, or warming sensations.

Recent studies were done with women who use the water-based or silicon-based lubricants and they show where they get more pleasure than the ones who have sex without a lube. However, these solutions might not be ideal for couples who are trying to conceive, regardless of the amount of pleasure that they get from intercourse.

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What’s the Best Lubricant to Use When Trying to Get Pregnant?

Of all the brands on the market, the Pre-Seed lubricant is regarded as the best solution for persons who are trying to conceive. Studies show that, unlike the Pre-Seed, the other lubricants can damage the sperms’ motility. This means that they interfere with sperm’s movement, which is very important, because it has to go through the vagina, womb, and fallopian tubes real fast to fertilize an egg. Under normal circumstances, the acidic secretions from the vagina will kill sperm and the cervical mucus produces alkaline secretions right before ovulation to protect the sperm. When the artificial lubricants are used, they will stop the sperm from going quickly to the cervical mucus so they will die inside the vagina’s acidic environment before reaching the uterus.

Why Pre-Seed is the Best

pre-seed lubricantThe Pre-Seed lubricant was created by Doctor Joanna Ellington, a sperm physiologist. It is a personal lubricant that is fertility-friendly and designed to imitate the fertile cervical mucus at its pH level, consistency and ion concentration. It is also free of glycerin so that the sperm is allowed to swim around freely and contains antioxidants that will help to support sperm on the way to fertilizing an egg.

Pre-Seed lubricant will act as the fertile fluids in your body to give a very natural feel during sex. Unlike other lubes which are irritating, this one has shown to be as smooth and slippery as or if not much better.

There are studies which suggest that most non-spermicidal lubes can damage the sperm ability to swim on. The other lubricants might still damage the sperm even when they contain water or no spermicide whatsoever. The most common lubricants causes this damage because they contain the incorrect pH as well as higher amounts of ion or salt that can dehydrate sperm and prevent them from swimming. In addition, some has sperm-toxic compounds such as glycerin or glycerol.

Rather than using one of the water based lubes which contain glycerin, you should opt for a sperm-friendly type like the Pre-Seed if you are trying to conceive. This lube comes highly recommended as many fertility experts are reporting that couples should use it. With this fertility-friendly solution, you can be sure that you are using the best lubricant when you are trying to have a baby.

When shopping for the Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant, you will notice that each box has a 1.4 ounce tube and 9 applicators. These applicators are made for users to place the lube close to the cervix in order to help with the sperm movement.

At this point it’s worth mentioning that all artificial lubricants pose a potential problem, whether they are store-bought or homemade with things like mineral oil. Foreplay is really the best lubricant when you want to conceive. This means that its best to take some time to work up to intercourse and get help from your partner who can do more kissing, hugging and touching. For most women, fifteen to twenty minutes of stimulation will get them in the mood. In the event that you are still not able to produce enough fluids after foreplay, you could try warm water. Now, even water and saliva could kill sperm, but the former is not toxic.

Be sure to talk to your medical doctor about the best lubricant to use if you are struggling with fertility issues.

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