April 29, 2023

When can the first period occur

When girls start to menstruate for the first time, this marks one of the biggest transitions as they go on the amazing journey to become adult women. There is usually a lot of hype surrounding this topic, especially at school when persons talk about those who have and have not gotten their period. Everyone feel differently about this change, you might feel a bit scared or comforted about the whole thing because you are becoming a woman. It is perfectly natural to have emotional reactions, but once you have all the information about your first period you will feel more confident about everything and know how to take control of the situation. Keep reading as this article will give you some information about when can the first period occur, among other things.

First of all, you should know that the first period has a scientific name which is Menarche. The period is also called menstruation. When you are menstruating, blood will leave from your vagina. Every woman will have different amount of blood during their period, but in most cases heavier bleeding will occur at the beginning and then it will lighten up when it’s closer to the end. This bleeding can last for a few days and will take place every month. The menstrual blood can have a color from anywhere between dark brown to bright red.

When Can the First Period Occur?

Your first period can occur at age nine or older at maybe thirteen or sixteen. In general, most girls will have their first period at the age of twelve or thirteen. If you are around this age and you are yet to see your period, you can look for certain signs to know when it’s near. These are some of the signs to look out for:

  • White discharge from your vagina. This will seem like white milky water and it’s perfectly normal so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Hair growing around the public area and under the arms.
  • You might start to get cramps and feel bloated in your tummy or lower back area.
  • You might become sensitive to pain, emotions and cold or hot temperatures.
  • You might start to have mood changes without reason. For instance, you could be sad this minute and then get happy the next.

These are normal signs to look for if you want to know when can the first period occur. If you are noticing any of these tell-tale signs or you are feeling scared, you can talk with your mother about your first period. If you are too embarrassed or afraid to talk to your mother, you could get help from another adult, maybe a trusted friend or a counselor.

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