April 26, 2023

574 thoughts on “Bloating After Abortion

  1. I was told to put 1 tablet under my tongue and inserted 3, I bleed for 2 days heavily with clots. My bleeding was on and off for a week and then I started again which lasted for a week and two days, I went to see a doctor and I was give medicine to stop the bleeding which only reduced the bleeding. Im still bleeding and My stomach is bloated and my breasts are slowing getting to Norma with a little tenderness. Could I still be pregnant?

  2. Hey there, I had an abortion February 2018. . .i healed normally, no bleeding or any sort of pain, however when we resumed intercourse with my partner i would feel air trapped in my abdomen, mild pain which ends when the gas is passed out. I also feel gas traped when i sleep without sleep trousers…fast forward this is march 2019 and I am just two weeks pregnant wondering if the whole gas thing will affect my pregnancy because it didn’t stop. mild pains that last about 5-10mins

    1. Hi there Nessa, not sure if this gas was experienced before pregnancy. However pregnancy can cause a lot of gassiness.

  3. Hi I had an abortion on 15th of this month misoprostol and bled lightly for two days unlike the first time last year I bled for a week plus…today being the third day I feel like I’m bloated…funny movements and sounds in my stomach.. And brownish discharge is this normal? Does one body react differently on diff occasions? Would my period start soon? Please I need answers

    1. Hi there Faye, take a pregnancy test in 7 days to confirm that you have successfully aborted.

  4. Hi I got a abortion 2 weeks ago and I am still having cramps in lower abdominal a long with my upper thighs cramping and now I’m lactating after abortion is that normal what should I do . I am very worried.

  5. Need help.
    I got my period on 24 december
    I had unprotected sex on 14 january.
    After that i got my period on 20 january but i thought it was implantation bleeding for 5 days
    After that i dont get my period but hcg test was always negative and feel dryness down there.
    I took misoprostol on 11 march and bleed for two days passing very little sized blood clots and i also bleed a little third day. I had some brown discharge till two days.
    I again took misoprostol on 18 march but i dont bleed this time.
    Now its 21 march and my lower belly is increasing in a shape like am still pregnant but test is alwats negative. Coyld i be pregnant? Plx help m worried..

      1. Thanks for your reply but I want to ask one thing.. Its 3rd April and my belly is big and hard and its dry down there. I am worried . Is it possible that abortion wont have worked. When i took misoprostol first 3 doses on 11 march clear with blood tinged vaginal discharge comes for some hours(I thought its amniotic fluid) after that I bleed for 3 days with clots then some brown discharge came for 3 days.. After some days I again took misoprostol but just feel cramping and no bleeding occurs. Kindly guide me.

  6. After i miss my menstrual cycle on March 14th I noticed I couldn’t stand the smell of my mother soap or the smell of her car ac. Which led me to take a pregnancy test. I took the test and it was postive. So i took the medical abortion on March 18.. I did pass a clot size of a quarter and after I pass smaller clots. I no longer have a problem smelling her ac or soap but my stomach is bloated I feel nauseous and still bleeding but not heavily normal flow. Also a slight pain to my left lower abdomen.. Btw it’s March 23. I have no breast tender or any other pregnancy feeling.. only nausous..
    Could I still be pregnant??

    1. Hi there Sam, what you have mentioned sounds like nothing outside of the norm for someone who has had an abortion.

  7. Hi just got abortion
    March 22, 2019 of this month misoprostol and bled lightly for two days on and off . Having little pain in my abdomen area I am confused it’s normal or because of gas…today being the third day I feel like I’m bloated…funny movements and sounds in my stomach.

    1. Hello there Neer, all the symptoms you have listed are consistent with what is experienced from other females who have done an abortion.

  8. hello friends please I had an abortion last three weeks and now am having back pain and am having bubbles in my stomach and am having this white milky discharge am scared whether am still pregnant pls

    1. Hello there Vivian, now is a good time to take a pregnancy to see if you might still be pregnant.

  9. Hi, I did the abortion on the 23 March, I did bleed and pass some clots that day, the next day I was bleeding light, did not take any test from there. Now I feel like my stomach is bloated.. Am I still pregnant?

  10. Hi there I had my 3rd abortion about 2 months ago, last week I tried having sex with my partner but it was painful & we tried again it still painful & I bleed everytime

  11. Is it possible that one month after abortion if i take misoprostol again i will bleed.. Bcz i m bleeding with clots… Am i still pregnant after first unsuccessful abortion or is it induce periods by misoprostol?

  12. Hi..
    I had an abortion on 21 april but still breast tenderness and bloating, could I still be pregnant?

  13. I had an abortion about a week ago,I bled
    for about a week and passed some clot,and I was alright after then…… just noticed some funny movement in my stomach and it also getting big.i already used the PT, some stating positive or negative ND it may sometimes shows a faint line

    1. Hello Darasimi, if this continues for another 7 days then repeat your pregnancy test.

  14. Hi! I did my abortion last april 24,2019 and it is already a month from now and my stomach is bloated, am I still pregnant?

    1. Hi May, I hope that everything worked out for you, after a month I would have seen a doctor to verify that the abortion was successful.

  15. Hello
    After how many days of taking misoprostol can i take a pregnancy test to confirm whether my abortion is succesful or not?

    1. Hi Nancy, it would have been after 2 weeks. At this point I hope that you have taken one and that everything worked out for you.

  16. Hi my lil sis had an abortion on 20th may and she is still bleeding. 16days after taking the medicine and she is still bleeding what could be the cause..is it normal to bleed more than 2weeks

    1. Hi Nana, I hope all went well, however at that point it shouldn’t have been heavy bleeding.

  17. Hi, I had a medical abortion (cytotec) on the 31st of May (a pregnancy of about 3 weeks). I urinated twice on that day and each time felt like clumps coming out. During the process I only felt mild cramping, I then spotted for three days and after that I’ve been having bleeding with clots with no cramps but feeling bloated from time to time. Also the blood is mucus like but all red with no bad smell. It is now almost a week since I started bleeding, though I have no cramping I feel some sort of discomfort at times.

    1. Hi Melanie, it’s possible that you were still experiencing the abortion. It can sometimes take up to 6 weeks to feel normal again. I hope you are feeling better at this point.

  18. Hello there ,

    I had a medical abortion about a month ago, I was 5 weeks pregnant . everything seems to be as describe , bleeding and clot etc. but my real issue now is that I’m asking myself if even after a month it is normal to still have brown discharge and very bad bloating ? I have also done a pregnancy test that says negative. Please let me know if the discharge and the bad bloating is normal even after a month ? Thank you

    1. Hi Rachel, it could have been normal as symptoms after abortions can last up to 6 weeks. If you are still feeling poorly and have these issues at this point (since you originally posted this comment) I would recommend a doctors visit to see what is going on.

  19. Hi I’m Ndapy, I had an abortion last year and I started losing weight after that . This hurts me a lot and I want my normal body back. What must I do ,please help me

    1. Hi Ndapy, if you are losing weight with no apparent cause (such as working out and dieting), I would see your doctor. This is something they will look into your history and possibly run some tests to ensure that there is nothing else going on with your body and also help you get back to where you are comfortable. You could also see a nutritionist (depending on if you are not eating) or a therapist if it has to do with an eating disorder. There could be a lot of things going on and the best place to start is your doctor. Good luck.

  20. Please I had an abortion 5 weeks ago. I still feel some funny movement and bloating in my stomach.

    1. Hi Ola, I hope at this point that you have seen your doctor, especially if you think that you may still be pregnant (depending on what the method was of abortion).

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