April 26, 2023

574 thoughts on “Bloating After Abortion

  1. I had an abortion in August and had two heavy periods since, but a few days ago I had a light period for two days and I’ve been bloated for the last week. Today I was spotting blood as well; is this normal?

  2. Had a surgical abortion 2weeks back and I feel bloated, can i be pregnant still or what . Saw the blood clots and they was bleeding for about 6 days

  3. I had a medical abortion in the 10 weeks of pregnancy,bled for some days and it stopped,got tested and the hcg was still high,had a second one,got tested and the hcg was still present, I had a d&c on the 18th of October,I bled a little. after 1week I bled for 3 days and up till now I’ve seen my period yet I’m having some movements and loud sounds coming out of my stomach,no breast tenderness,at times sharp pains in the stomach,but my stomach is a little bigger than my normal flat belly. could I still be pregnant?

  4. Pls I had an abortion on October, went for lab I was told am still pregnant. I went for scan I was told nothing is in there . but my breast has stopped paining me but I feel heavy in my stomach

    1. Hello Diva, your HCG levels might still be high because you just did the abortion. Retest for pregnancy in 7 days.

  5. Hi….I had an abortion 5 days ago,on the first day I had cramping, bled for a few hours and passed out clots,the next three days it was light bleeding with clots and brown discharge…..started bleeding mildly on the fourth and fifth day…..today is the sixth day and all pregnancy symptoms are gone but my stomach is bloated and grumbling, what could be the cause?

    1. Hi there Buffel, all of what you have just described is quite normal during/after an abortion.

  6. Hi.. Had an abortion 2wks ago but there are sounds coming from my stomach once in a while but I’m back to normal just that my stomach is still kinda hard and I’m experiencing pains at the lower part of the left side of my stomach close to the waist . Could I still be pregnant?

    1. Hi there Unique, bloatedness and sensitivity in the abdomen is normal after an abortion and does not necessarily mean that you are still pregnant.

      1. Hi i had a abortion December 28th 2 days ago. Im bloated and my still hurt. I was told told that i was gonna have a miscarriage so it was good that i came in so they can get every thing out. Anyway im bloated after this abortion. Could i still be pregnant. Mind you they said on my transvaginal ultrasound that i was definitely gonna end up having a miscarriage even if i hadnt come to them. Please help

        1. Hi there Nicki, if you think you might still be pregnant, take a pregnancy test to determine same.

  7. Hi, I just recently had an abortion and I’m experiencing swelling in my lower abdominal and some tenderness almost like cramps constantly. I only bleed lightly for a few hours and I havent really passed any clots. Is this normal?

  8. Hi there, it is 4weeks and 4 days since i had my abortion and i haven’t seen my period. My stomach is still bloated. I have done two strips tests and a blood test and they were all negative

  9. Hi I had medical abortion 2weeks ago. But I bled only a day and I’ve not bled again since.I complained and was given the second set of pills to take. I didn’t bleed. Now my stomach is bloated and I have back ache. Is it normal?

    1. Hi there Oneila, see your doctor to confirm that you have fully aborted if you are having any concerns.

  10. Hi, I had an abortion on 9th of February, I had cramping, bled a little for 2days,now my stomach is bloated and hard,find it difficult to poop. Please is this normal?

  11. I had an abortion 2 weeks ago , and I’m back to myself I observe that after a week and so my discharge is brownish red. So is this , somehow to be worried about or not? Or I might be still be bleeding inside ? Pls help i just need some answers. Thank you.

  12. Is it normal still my tummy sometimes big and sometimes small…after i take abortion pills
    .last january 2…i bleed in a week and its stop..it bleeds again after 2 weeks…is it normal?? I took pregnancy test the other is negative… and i took again pregnancy test i saw little faint color..im confused…what will i do..

    1. Hi there Cathy, it is now March, if you retest and get a positive result, then this means that you are still pregnant.

  13. Hi, had surgical abortion 9th of February, bleed for 2days, started bleeding again on 14th of February, called my doctor told me is normal. My tummy is still bloated and still feel breast tenderness. Is all this normal.

  14. Hi I had a medical abortion last January 22, I bled and passed clots on the first day and just had a little blood on the second day and one dark red 2 inches blod clot. I feel bloated and still need to urinate frequently two weeks after that. Then I took another set of misoprostol three days ago but I only had spots of blood for a day but I don’t feel pregnant anymore. Is this normal? I’m really confused.

    1. Hello Maria, all women abort differently. This might just be the way your body deals with it.

  15. Is it normal to bleed and pass clots just for two days after using misoprostol and feeling bloated afterwards for two weeks?

  16. Please I had failed medical abortion and later went for a surgical abortion after two days ..its over a week and I haven’t seen my period all I get is just cramps and back aches and some yellowish spotting on my pants ….please reply I’m so confused

  17. I had my abortion last december 7 2018 and now my tummy gets bigger and my uterine feels tender is there any causes is this normal? I had bleed for almost 2months also

  18. Hi
    I got pregnant within few days after my marriage but I wasn’t ready so I aborted. But m gaining too much weight after abortion and I always feel lazy and I don’t feel like eating it’s been 4-5 months almost.

    1. Hello Roop, sorry to hear about your lingering symptoms after abortion. Please see you doctor physically regarding this.

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