April 25, 2023

How to Use a Period Calculator

Are you having problems determining the dates for your monthly period? If so, you should know that a period calculator will help you to estimate …

How to Use a Period Calculator

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510 thoughts on “How to Use a Period Calculator

  1. Please i don’t know what to do i have long period which lasts for 9 days. please I want to know what is a problem.

  2. My name is Laura, I have a problem with my menstrual period For the past two years now since I stopped my baby from breastfeeding. My period has not been coming regular sometimes it lasts for a day or 2 days and is not Pure red.

  3. Am Amaka I had Abortion in April so pls when am I expecting to see my period again

  4. My name is Harriet I want to know the length of my Cycle because in every months it rises and fall or even do not come at all, I always suffer from abdominal pain I don’t know how to go about it.

    1. Hi Harriet, the cycle changes you are getting may be because of hormonal imbalance, or some internal. problems. You should consult a doctor to diagnose your problem and give you a proper treatment. Regards.

  5. How can I stop my period on my wedding day? I discovered that my next menstrual period will start on my wedding day

  6. My name is Tina, I think my mentration is not regular. In june I saw it on june 1st to 3rd, in july I saw it on july 3rd and now I am seeing it a little on august 1st…. how do I calculate or what’s my menstrual cycle like. thanks

  7. I want to conceive again and I need a male child how do I go about it,I need your help.

  8. Its been a year I got married but no miscarriage not talk of pregnancy and I have been meeting my husband on my ovulation day we have even gone to all possible tests but the results shows we are ok……. What else do I do to conceive?

    1. Hi Jane, There are many causes from irregular ovulation to poor diet and nutrition, then might be blocking you from getting pregnant. You should consult a doctor to give you a proper treatment. Regards.

  9. I am a man who has been married for some time now. me and my wife have been trying to conceive but to no avail. My wife missed her circle for about six days and we thought she was pregnant but latter, it was not so. Menstrual cycle was very scanting. What do we do.

  10. I love this alot it’s really teaching me most of the things I don’t know. Thx so much for this

    1. Hi Sandra, water coming from her breast does not determine if she can get pregnant or whether she is pregnant. The best thing to do to confirm this is to take a pregnancy test. If fluid keeps leaking from the breasts seek a doctor’s care.

  11. I saw my menses on 18th -20th November and I do have a 30 day cycle and I had sex with my friend on 25th. will I get pregnant?

    1. Hi Loveth, it is believed that females cannot get pregnant soon after having ended a period. However, this is not so in all cases as I have seen where persons have gotten pregnant after having unprotected sex even a day or 2 after ending their period. Though the probability is low this does happen. What will really determine if you are pregnant or not is if you had unprotected sex with your friend.

  12. Hi Juliet. This might be caused by quite a number of things. Has this happened to you prior or is the first occurrence? The answer to my question could be a determining factor as to what is really wrong. Possibly some of the things that might be wrong are that: you have PCOS, fibroids, taking of new birth control pills or other invasive birth control method, pregnancy, hormone imbalance or a thyroid disease. If this persists please do not hesitate to visit your doctor.

  13. My name is Faith,have been ttc for 1 yr now, my cervical mucus doesn’t change, it’s always flakey. could it be the reason I am not pregnant yet? please help

    1. Hi there Faith!
      Yes, this might be the reason. Cervical fluid must be present in order for you to get pregnant. It should be wet, clear, stretchy, which is the most fertile. You should visit a doctor and get yourself examined. Best Regards

  14. Thanks for this I calculate my ovulation just now and it said am on my fertile time. I believe it will work for me as others are testifying.

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