May 13, 2022

497 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Periods After Abortion

  1. I had an abortion on the 9th of March I bled up until the 23rd of March.. When my period should start?

  2. Hello I’m Mariama
    I took abortion pills on the 6th March and started bleeding that evening..I bled for about a week and removed some brown discharge…It’s been four weeks now I have not seen my period..My doctor told me my cervix was empty..I have been having stress even though there is nothing wrong with me..At times I feel like I want to see my period but due to the stress I don’t.. Instead I experience some watery white discharge..My worry is was how I felt before I found out that I was pregnant.. Could it be that I’m pregnant or am I just in a rush?

    1. Hello Mariama, relax and let nature take its course with your body. Your period can return anywhere between 3-6 weeks.

  3. hi! Had my first periods on 15march after an abortion, but today am suppose to see the second one but am experiencing cramps yet no blood.i am not sexually active am worried

  4. I had a medical abortion in march and thereafter I had my period both best to my calculation I suppose to have my April period since 8 of April but I did not see it so I do urine test and it was negative I still went for blood test and it was negative , is it that I am still pregnant? Or what is the cause of the delay?

    1. Hello Hilda, after an abortion you have to give your body time to get back on track.

  5. I had a medical abortion of 13weeks pregnancy on 21 march but I didn’t flow heavy. I have still not seen my menses this month.

  6. I had D & C on 17th of march and I had unprotected sex on 31st of march and 1st of April, after that I has unprotected sex 16th and 18th of April. I had done urine test its negative
    I haven’t seen my period, no menstrual cramps or swollen breast. Its already 30 days after abortion.
    What do I do?

    1. Hello Victoria, retest for pregnancy if you do not have a period in a week’s time.

  7. Hello I had an abortion on 5th Feb this year I aborted 6 month pregnancy an until now I have not seen my period

  8. Hi there,,are blood clots normal in the first period after an abortion, it’s been only a few weeks since I aborted,I have had protected sex three times,might I have reopened the wounds or something?

  9. Hi !
    I had a misoprostol pills adoption..after taking the medicine like 5hours I started bleeding after two hours I went to the toilet to pee and I saw this thing coming out blood clot big one after that I countinue bleeding like One hour after that I didn’t bleed again till this morning I wakeup and find my pad all cleaned no am worried because I read a lot of stories that some women continue to bleed after abortion for 2-3weeks before their period come again, I don’t feel any pain in my stomach or fever but am just worried is this normal???..but I don’t feel sick pregnant again all the morning vomiting and nausea have gone my breast is not paining any more after yestaerday.. please please help me

    1. Hello Annamarie, every female’s experience with abortion might be a bit different. Do not be surprised if you start to bleed again in a couple of days.

  10. Hi,am Sandy,i had a surgical abortion on the 20th of March,had sex on the 1st of April without protection,its a month now i had the abortion and my period hasn’t come yet,could it be that am pregnant again?

    1. Hi there Sandy, it could be either you are pregnant or that your period had just not returned yet since your abortion.

  11. hi,
    i was 6 weeks pregnant when i had my abortion on march 10th. since then i have not gotten my period, its been 7 weeks since the abortion and 13 in total. i have had sex twice unprotected. Could i still be pregnant? or got pregnant again? or could something be wrong ? i was told the pregnancy hormones stay n you for a while so to take a test is pointless cause it will come out positive

  12. Hi. I had a surgical abortion on the 20th of march had unprotected sex on the 24th of march, 1st of April, 7th and 14th April. I took two pregnancy test on the 5th of April and the 14th April and both were negative but i still have not seen my period yet. Whats happening. I aborted at 5 weeks. Im scared im pregnant again.

    1. Hello HelpNeeded, yes you seem to be pregnant again. But you are test for pregnancy too soon.

  13. I had an abortion, surgical procedure, on Tuesday, April 10. There was really no pain, cramping or bleeding the day of. But then the light spotting/bleeding has been going on. I was told to begin my BC that following Sunday. It’s the 26 & today i began bleeding very heavy & cramping horribly. I’ve gone thru 3 pads in an hour. Soaked. With Clots here & there. Idk if this is just my first menstrual cycle after or if i should keep an eye out.

  14. Hi I had an abortion by manual vacuum aspiration method in November 2017 , my period returned after 6weeks . it started being scanty to compare with the quantity before the MVA , then this month of April the period number of days reduced from 5 days to 3 days and am not using any form of pills . Please can you advice me on what could be the cause.

    1. Hello Sophia, menstrual changes are normal after an abortion. Things should return to normal sooner or later.

  15. hello
    I had the medical abortion in nov 2017 took 6-7 weeks for period to return my period were on and off light until last week came back normal period after only a week prior to that I had a light period . im trying to conceive and hoping the abortion hasn’t made me infertile im hoping that last period was it gone back to normal? does it usualy take a few months for your cycle to go back to normal? ive been feeling pretty unwell lately

    1. Hello Olivia, yes it might take a while for your cycle to go back to normal after an abortion.

  16. Hello, I’m Alexandra
    I didn’t really take a test to be sure if I was actually pregnant but with my body changes I knew I was pregnant because I start having short breath, stomach and waist aches … I took misoprostol 2 varginally and 2 orally. I actually felt cramps,dizzness, and weakness but didn’t bleed till about 6hours later I didn’t actually bleed I just had blood clots for an hour and that’s all…… I don’t know if I wasn’t pregnant or I didn’t administer it well… And I haven’t seen my period

  17. Hi I am Tee I had a medical abortion three weeks ago, and now I saw my period on 29th April and on the 30th I have serious cramps n pains. While urinating, with little flow. Please I need help will I be fine or should get more worried?

  18. Hi am Gloria. I had an abortion on 6th April and have been bleeding till on the 4rd May but still little blood have been coming and I had unprotected sex on 3rd of May. Plz can I get pregnant. Or is there any pill I can take… Please help me.

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