May 13, 2022

497 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Periods After Abortion

  1. Hi, I had abortion on march 20 and bleeding has stopped after 3 weeks and got periods after 2 weeks (April 25) and stopped bleeding for 5 days (heavy comparative to earlier.) again i bleed after 10 days. i am really worried about this since i got again periods. please let me know will it be normal or i need to visit doctor to resolve this.
    Please replay me as soon as possible.

    1. Hello Latha, after an abortion your cycle and period will be abnormal for a while. This happens to any women.

    2. I had vaccum extraction on June 17th had no bleeding after a very tiny bit of dark red/ brown been 4 weeks nothing. Every page seems to go on about bleeding. Is it ok not too ?

  2. I am pumeza I had an arbotion on 15th of march n on 23rd of march I had unprotected sex till today I haven’t seen my I pregnant or what?

  3. Hi,
    I had my abortion March 30th and had bleeding with clots on the first of April for a few days. Since then I haven’t experienced a period and it’s May 4th. Should I make a doctors appointment?

    1. Hello Diane, you are still in good timing. Your period should return soon.

  4. I had abortion on 25th April ,I had my bleeding till 3rd of may ,I had done unprotected sex,is there any possibility to become pregnant again,shall I take contraceptive pills

    1. Hello Bhuvi, yes you will get pregnant again if you have unprotected sex without the use of birth control.

  5. Hey, I had a pill abortion at 7 weeks pregnant I’m February 22. I started bleeding and bled for about 3 weeks and since then have not bled anymore have been spotting for the past few days but not bleeding. Husband and I have been sexually active but have used the CFS that’s supposed to kill sperm?? I’m freaking out bc I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was a very light line showing pregnant. Plzz tell me that it could be false????

    1. Hello Christine, a second line on a pregnancy test means you are pregnant. Please see your doctor as this could indicate low HCG levels or a chemical pregnancy.

  6. Hello.
    I had a medical abortion on the 20th of march, I had no convincing discharge of tissues or blood, seven weeks later I still haven’t seen my period, neither have I seen any discharge of blood. I don’t have any symptoms of pregnancy, but when I had a test six weeks after the abortion it came positive

    1. Hello Loveth, then you might still be pregnant. Take another pregnancy test to confirm this.

  7. Hello I had an abortion on the 6th of April. Had unprotected sex on the 20th of same April.
    Now my breast is swollen n painful.
    Still haven’t seen my period

  8. Hi,

    I am asking this on behalf of my girlfriend as it seems I am more worried than she is. My girlfriend had a surgical abortion done on 4 April, no heavy bleeding and stuffs until one day she has a bit of bleeding (3 weeks post op). On the 4th week she had frequent urination (lasted for only 2 days) so we visited a doctor and have a urine test done, nothing came back (Doc saids if no one calls back then everything’s fine). We have been having sex regularly after 10 days of the surgery (3-4 times a week), i know its a bad idea but that’s not the point, protected every time and Ive checked the condom to make sure it works (Tied and squeezed to make sure nothing’s leaking).

    Her period is still not coming yet and roughly about the middle of the 4th week, my girlfriend started to feel nauseated (getting a bit more frequent now, no other symptoms as she feels fine, not even fatigue), so I asked her to take a pregnancy test again yesterday (35 days after surgery), the test shows negative, not pg.

    I am just wondering if she could be pregnant again and the test is showing false negative? I’ve never had unprotected sex so probably its unlikely? and I understand that a woman will ovulate after hcG level drops to zero, if she’s pregnant again, can the test show false negative or it should simply show positive 5 weeks after surgery even if it’s a new pregnancy?

    Or she is simply experiencing PMS or hormonal changes after the abortion? but it’s weird as the nausea happened just out of a sudden, she was perfectly fine after the surgery and no symptoms at all before this nausea appeared.

    Sorry if the questions seem clumsy as I am a male and Im kinda having a paranoia?!

    1. Hello, this could be as a result of the abortion, hormonal changes as well as stress on her body. The pregnancy tests confirmed that she is not pregnant.

  9. Hi, am Gloria had an abortion for like 1week ago but am still undergoing heavy clots please what should I take to reduce the amount of blood

  10. My period started 5 days ago. But today I observed some jelly and bleeding and smell. How can I handle this matter?

    1. Hello Swapna, please see your doctor regarding this as you might have an infection.

  11. Hello,
    A friend had an abortion on 20th April , she had serious cramping for about 3days and then on 24th April she started bleeding for about 3-4days , she was hoping to have started her period as at today 22nd May but nothing yet just consistent slight temperature. What would you advice her to do please?

  12. hi am faith, I had an abortion abt 4weeks ago and av had unprotected sex twice…now am always nauseated mostly in d morning and at night but I don’t feel fatigue nor is my breast swollen and my test says negative wat shd I do?

  13. Hey,i had a medical abortion in the first trimester during the 4th week on 18th january….since then i am having irregular periods…i get my periods every 2-3 weeks.Is there anything wrong??

    1. Hello Vina, many women experience this after an abortion. You periods will get back to normal eventually.

  14. I had a medical abortion at pregnancy week 6 on 30th March, then heavy bleeding last for a week and stopped. The period come after a week and then last for 2 weeks with light flow. Then period back again after 2 -3 days and last for 2-3 weeks and repeated the same until today. Is it something abnormal? It means i having like non-stop period since Apr until May.

    1. Hello Katherine, many women experience this after an abortion. Hopefully this will resolve soon for you.

  15. Had a surgical abortion 1/30/17. It is now 5/26/18 and my cycle has not been the same since before. I am 35. I have 3 children prior to the surgical abortion. I was 6w4d and due to working with chemo patients the development was abnormal. Everything went well. I have only had 3 periods since the . I have to use BC to stop my period after 3-4 weeks of moderate flow with quarter sized clots. Husband had vasectomy. MD says it can take 2 years to get to “normal”. Is this an age factor? I’m at my wits end with bleeding for a month straight and then nothing for 5-8 weeks!!!! Thank you for any insight!

    1. Hello Jessica, get a second opinion about this. An get physically assessed.

  16. Hi I had an abortion on 26 of April and had an unprotected sex on 1st of may. I haven’t seen my period yet and I did test 3 days ago which the result is negative. Pls Wat is happening

  17. I had d& c on the 21st of April and didn’t bleed on 25th of April through 30th of April ,and I Haven’t seen my period and had no sexual intercourse within these period ands its 1st June,what do I do?

  18. My friend had an abortion at 18 weeks like two weeks ago she just stop bleeding last week she was bleeding for two weeks…how long after will her period come?

  19. Hi,, my girlfriend had an abortion 1 month ago and she started her period on 26th may and she is experiencing bleeding 11 days now please might it be normal?

  20. Hello, I had a surgical abortion at 10 weeks on the 8th May. I started taking the pill the next day and started having sex again the next week. The week after I was feeling pregnancy symptoms and got a positive test and thought I was pregnant again, therefore stopped taking birth control and was having unprotected sex with my partner. I soon stopped getting pregnancy symptoms and then found out that HCG can stay in your system for a few weeks. I then went on to use condoms while i waited for my period.
    It has now been 5 weeks since the abortion and I have not got my period but for the last week I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms and am getting a faint positive on pregnancy tests. I am worried that I may be pregnant again. Is this normal to experience?

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