April 27, 2023

497 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Periods After Abortion

  1. I had a surgical abortion on June 9th, my period came 2 days after as should but after the regular 4 days cycle I’m still bleeding, lightly with a lot of clots. Should I be worried

  2. My name is Rose, I had evacuation last year May, my period has being OK until April this year when it only last for a day. Please I need an advice. Should I see a doctor as to why my period is not flowing again

    1. Hello Rose, these things do happen after an abortion and should regularize soon.

  3. Hi,
    My period started after 22 days of abortion, is it possible, or another problem may be….
    please suggest

  4. Hi my name is Cindy, I had medical abortion April 29 2018, and I bleed for two to three days, and I had my period May 28/2018 which last for just two days, lightly and very few and the next one came on 1/7/2018 and it was the same. Is it normal please I need your advice thanks.

  5. Hi…I had a abortion on June 17 2017.But my periods are irregular like it will skip a month sometimes it will come regular without skipping a month. Is it normal or any problem???

  6. Hello I had an abortion April 16 surgically removed & I got what I believe was my first period in the beginning of June (4th or 5th) it started off brown & turned red the period lasted for 3 days . It is now July 18 I haven’t had a period I have been cramping & feeling nauseous for 4 days . I took 3 home pregnancy test and all were negative .

  7. I had abortion on March and April I experienced periods since there is haven’t got my periods and I never had sex since I aborted . ..early this month I saw brownish discharge then they turned to pink they lasted for 3 days….today am having little heavy dark brown discharge what could be the problem please help

    1. Hello Sarah, spotting between periods could be caused as a result of many things. Stress, ovulation, implantation bleeding, etc.

  8. I had an abortion over a Month now and two days ago my first cycle started, I have a severe pain, heavy flow and lots of clot, pls is it normal?

  9. Hi there. Thank you for this article. I had a D&C due to a chromosomal abnormality detected early in my pregnancy. I was 14w1d when I ended my pregnancy. I had the procedure 4/30. Got my cycle back June 8th. I had one normal cycle with my period 27 days on July 5th. Then my following cycle was 31 days with my cycle starting August 6th. This is an extremely emotional time as I desperately want a healthy baby but it’s hard to try with my cycles all over. Approximately how long until I can anticipate my cycles being the old 28 day regular ones I had prepregnancy?

    1. Hello Lauri, you should be able to impregnate right after, however I advise that you give yourself at least 2 months break and give time for everything to normalize. Also, in the meantime I advise that you take some prenatal vitamins to get yourself ready and healthy to conceive and carry a healthy baby. All the best.

  10. I had abortion pills on 4 July and then four pills on 6th July. I bled for two weeks, the initial weak was heavy bleeding. I don’t have any signs and symptoms of pregnancy now and I didn’t go for a sonography checkup anytime after abortion .i am worried now because I didn’t get periods till now. have I landed in any complications? do I need to take any medicine to regularise my periods?

    1. Hi there Muzamil, some women take as long as 8 weeks to get their period after an abortion.

  11. Hi I had a medication abortion in May. Got my first period in July and it lasted two and a half weeks. No cramping but had alot of heavy bleeding and clots. Is this normal or something I should have checked?

  12. Hi my name is Chris.
    I was 6 weeks pregnant. I had a medical aberration. I am 5 months past my abortion and I am still having light bleeding. I have gotten my period twice now and I spot in between my periods. Is that normal?

  13. Hi I got my abortion done on May 11th and got my periods on July 9, now it’s august 29 and still I didn’t got my periods..please help I m very worried ….y am I missing my periods.

  14. Hi, am rejoice I had a medical abortion before
    which didn’t work (incomplete abortion) so I went for D&C later on to remove the rest since last month. now my period just start since on Sunday, it was a very light bleeding which stop on Tuesday and start Wednesday evening, now is been so heavier since on Thursday night till now I have use 4pads per day, pls answer me is it abnormal or what is happening to me

  15. Hi,I had a medical abortion on 7 August,the bleeding ended on 24th of the same month.on the 11th of September I had spotting and the next day no period but I noticed stains on tissue papers when I used to check my self.pls I’m very worried,is this normal or should I see a doctor.

  16. I had abortion on 25th September by medication.. I had haevy bleeding which tapered of gradually in a week.. Its high time now to get my period.. I just have dark brown spotting since 2 days.. Will i get my period or something to worry about?

  17. I had a medical abortion on June 23rd and bled for about 2 weeks. My period returned August 7th and lasted for 6 days. It was relatively heavy for my normal period. I then got my period again September 3rd and it lasted for 4 days and was normal The last period I got was September 29th and lasted for 5 days. It was not red however, but it was brown. Kind of like the end of the abortion bleeding was. I read that this can be “old blood”. But my entire period was this brown color. Now this should be my 4th period since my abortion. I got the same brown “blood” for lack of a better word for 1.5 days and then nothing. No active bleeding or anything. I had some cramps in my lower back and was bloated for those same 2 days and then everything just went away. Does this sound normal for this far after my abortion? I am absolutely terrified at this point as I have struggled with depression and horrific anxiety since it.

    1. Hello there Rachel, many changes take place during and after abortion. Your body might take a while to be regulated back to normalcy.

  18. I had a medical abortion on 9-25-18 went for follow up on 10-18-18 gave me a pregnancy test which came back faint did vaginal ultrasound said everything was clear but she made this face gave me some birth control sprintec to start 10-21-18 took a pregnancy three times says faint positive that was this week and another one that was digital that says pregnant never had a cycle unless it was the day of 10-12 to 10-15 which I thought was post bleeding is this normal

  19. Hi I had a medical abortion on the 5th of September 2018 bleeding lasted for 2weeks. I got my period on the 5th of October now we are in November and I haven’t gotten my period on the 10 I saw light pink blood for about 2 days on and off and that was it I felt cramp and pain in my stomach just as I would feel with my normal period please tell me is everything ok is it normal.

    1. Hi there Dainty, your cycle and body might take a while to get back to normal after an abortion.

  20. Hi mam actually I have married recently and done medical abortion last 3months back after the abortion the period was as usually ended, and the second month period was also came regular but from 15days it was not stopped still. Please suggest me the details mam.please please reply me soon

    1. Hello Sannika, this will happen as your period might take a while to be regulated back to what it normally was before you did the abortion.

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