April 26, 2023

574 thoughts on “Bloating After Abortion

  1. It’s been a month since I had a medical abortion, I was 6 weeks, I got a checkup to see if my abortion was complete 2 weeks after I had my abortion & the doctor said it was all signs of a misscariage and that I’m sweet to go, but I’ve just started getting sharp pains in my stomach sometimes it shoots down to my bum & I’m really bloated 24/7 & get a really sore lower back, I don’t know what’s wrong but I’m really scared

  2. I had medical abortion on 13th of may i was 6 weeks pregnant at that time i bled for 5 days passed clots and did an ultrsound of pelvis after 13 days on 23 may which was all clear no retained products were there but now after 5 weeks yet i haven’t had my periods and my tummy looks like i am 12 weeks pregnant and have slight cramping and have white discharge i haven’t had sex after my abortion can i still be pregnant my tummy looks way too bigand bloated even after my transvaginal ultrasound confirming complete abortion please helo

  3. Hi, i took cytotec on june 11, @1am to be exact i started feel the cramping and about 5 30am i start to bleed. The first blood clot passed out..then the 2nd blood clot around 6 30am. @11 30am only spotting until today june 14. Im expecting to bleed like my period. Is this normal?

  4. I feel my heart beating in my stomach and grumbling movements with the fact m experiencing bloating and excess saliva its been 5wks I had my abortion no period yet brother m I having nausea,sore breasts or dizziness but I feel sick very depressed with loss of weight. Do I have to worry if I had an unsuccessful abortion?

  5. I had an abortion for about 3 weeks but still feel bloated in my stomach, am I safe?

  6. Hi,I aborted on 31st may bleeding was took two days but am experiencing bloating..is this normal?

      1. Hello Mickalia, she is still bloating as at now since she aborted on 24th April. Is it normal?

        1. Hello Enoch, if there are any concerns re physical changes please see a doctor for physical assessment and examination.

    1. Hello did you expirience pregnancy symptoms after you had abortion. Because I only bled for two days as well but after that I have a massive bloating. Took pt after two weeks and showed positive result.

  7. Hi, I had abortion on 23rd June as I was 7 week pregnant. But from yesterday (25th June) I am getting sharp pain in my lower abdominal as like stomach bloating and also pain in tail bone or in bum.. is it normal or I need to consult gynaecologist. My abortion was anesthetic.

  8. Had an a abortion which I bled for a day passing out blood clots, one week after that am seeing partly reddish discharge from my vagina and feel a little bloated accompainied with fatigue, is that normal or should that be a problem? Also am always sweating unlike before and eating is a big problem as well.

    1. Hello Chika, if this persists then please see your doctor for physical assessment.

  9. Hello
    I had medical abortion at 12th week now it’s my first period after abortion but my body is still bloated. Is this normal? How can i make bloating go away please help.

  10. I did abortion 2weeks ago and am still seeing blood flow till now and am having bloated stomach now,but not feeling any signs of pregnancy expect little pain on my breast when I wake up in the morning…….pls hope am safe??

  11. I got a medical abortion the 17th, so three days ago & am bleeding much less heavy now but my stomach still has cramping and pain & is very bloated, is this normal?

  12. Hello.
    I had my abortion on the 18, 2 days ago.
    My stomach is very bloated, I don’t feel any pain, I’m having my period and it’s pretty much normal not a lot of blood, I’m just worried with the bloating.
    Is that really normal after abortion?
    What can be a cause of that?
    How long should it last?

  13. I had abortion last 23. Its my 2nd day but i feel breast tenderness and bloated and cramping like having menstration. Is it normal? But after abortion i didnt feel any tenderness in my breast but today i feel nausea and morning sickness

  14. I had an abortion 1st August, I bleed for only that day and spotted the next day. Since yesterday, I have been feeling slight and random short lived pains on my left pelvic region, bloating and I have been peeing alot and using the toilet a lot.. is that normal?

  15. Hi
    I had an abortion 3days ago and its only light bleeding it last only 2days and then spotting on the following day. Is this normal?…

  16. i did abortion four weeks ago i bleeded up to a week but my stomach is still bloated even now is it still normal

  17. I had my abortion on 12th of august.after 10 days i took pregnancy test to check if the procedure became successful.after 5 minutes its shows negative result so i leave it for another 5 minutes and check it again.still it shows negative result.but after a while i thile about 30 minutes i remember to check the kit again and there is already a faint color on the test line.am i still pregnant or this is a false positive result.but the the positive result shows after 30 minutes.

    1. Hello Denice, take a regular pregnancy test and follow the instructions, based on the results you will know if you are pregnant or not.

  18. I did an abortion three weeks ago,,,I bleed for two weeks then I stopped started again for three days,,,but now am bloating,,and my stomach feels like I have gases,,,but no signs of pregnancy,, am worried because my stomach looks big.

  19. I had my abortion it was 3 weeks old and bled for 2 weeks straight with blood clots but my stomach been looking much bigger than it used to this has gotten me too worried might I still be pregnant even after having bled and all for 2 weeks or is it normal ?

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