April 26, 2023

574 thoughts on “Bloating After Abortion

  1. I had my abortion 2weeks ago and I not having any sign of pregnancy anymore it all stopped the day of d abortion but I’m feeling my Tommy is bigger and I sleep more this days.. Hope its normal.. After d abortion I bleed for 3 days and it stopped

    1. Hello Pearl, take a pregnancy test just to confirm that you are no longer pregnant. However you might be bloated hence the distended stomach.

  2. I had abortion 4 weeks ago. I had heavy bleeding for two days and normal then spotting for some days overall week. I haven’t gone for a pregnancy test but I started having this grumbling movement in my tummy yesterday.
    What could that be?

  3. Hi I’m Ria, I had abortion on July 17, 2018 & bled after an hour heavily for two days & passed blood clots for about 5 times. Its September 12 now but my stomach becoming bigger & tender breasts. Its been 2 months after my abortion but I look pregnant. I’m so worried, Am I pregnant?

  4. Hello,
    I had an abortion on the 2nd of October and its been just over a week now, my breast is sore & heavy and at its heaviest at night, and I always feel a bit warm in evening but my temperature is usually between 97/98f please should I be worried?

  5. Hello last august 2 2018 I did a medical abortion (taking mefipristone, misoprostol then I also inserted in my vagina a cervix softener and misoprostol) then after that I got a high fever after 6 hours I’m already bleeding . then after 3 or 4 consecutive days only spotting and those time
    I’m 7 weeks pregnant . and this past few weeks my tummy is bloating until now and also my boobs is bigger than before (those time that I’m not pregnant) . and why is it until now my period did not come today is September 17 . and if ever my period did not come back after 8 weeks . is it still normal?

  6. I had surgical abortion on August 12, no blood afterward, till now no monthly flow and I’m bloated. Is this normal

  7. Hi i had medical abortion on my 6th week i bleed 3 days after taking that pill then stops for 2 days then bleed again for 3 days. I go to the hospital to go check an hcg pregnancy test then it says negative, but now it is almost 3weeks after my abortion but i’m still feeling bloated and I think my tummy is still big as it is. Is it normal? Or what should i do? Or maybe i am still pregnant?

    1. Hello Mary, it is normal to feel bloated after an abortion. Once pregnancy test is negative then you are not pregnant.

  8. Hi am Rita ,I had an abortion on the 18 ,and passed out foetus since then I have been having cramps and constipation .please what should I do?

  9. Hi this is Emma, i had abortion on 15 sept using MTP kit. i passed out blood clots on first day and then had
    bleeding, heavy on early in the morning and late in the evening for a week and after a week bleeding reached to normal level.. and its now October 10 and i am still bleeding ( normal and spots). Also my stomach has become bigger and stiffer than what it used to…… kindly help me in this regard

    1. Hi there Emma, bleeding and spotting even weeks after an abortion is normal. Due to the other things you have mentioned, if you think you might still be pregnant then take a pregnancy test.

  10. Hellow I’m in a country where I can’t be pregnant outside of marriage and I had an abortion at 3 weeks I took the pills and started bleeding after 4 hours and after I passed small clots ans I was bleeding for 3 days andfelt fine then two weeks later im bleeding lightly again but I have nausea Nd I can’t stand the smell of anything I have a bloated stomach and lots of gas and burping Ican’t take a pregnancy test because it’s only been two weeks since the abortion and I can’t test in the hospital they will jail me if it’s positive I’m really scared and I’m not sure what to do you think I’m still pregnant?? And why am I’m nauseated 2 weeks after?

    1. Hi there Mona, please do a pregnancy test 2 weeks after to find out if you are still pregnant. You really need to know this to decide on how to move forward.

  11. It’s been 3 days after I’ve taken the mifepristone and misoprostol. I am constipated and I feel like I have a stretched uterus. Should I be worried??

      1. Hi Mickaila. No but my bowel movement is normal again but I’m still bloated and it’s been 3 weeks since medical abortion, is it normal?? I don’t feel pregnancy signs anymore but my breast is leaking watery to whitish fluid

  12. I had surgical abortion on 10/18/18 had very few mild cramping next day but today it’s 5th day I’m feeling lots of bloating and also cramping but no bleeding just spotting since the abortion is done. Also getting stomach pain after having food is it normal? I’m really worried

    1. Hello Kavi, spotting is normal after an abortion. Pain in stomach could be due to being bloated.

  13. Hi I’ve had an abortion on the 19 October and I only passed clots with very strong contractions and diarrhea nausea and the day after I’m passing brown discharge is that normal my Brest nipples tenderness is depressing but the sided of my breast is sore and it wasn’t sore before is that normal?

  14. I had a surgical abortion on the 14 of October n up till now I still feel d pregnancy symptoms, it’s just that the pain on my breast is diminishing, I have a bloated stomach and this slight pain on my waist at d back. I feel heavy too in my Lowe abdomen

    1. Hello there Happiness, if you think you might still be pregnant then do a test to confirm.

  15. I did an abortion last month and still passing out clots n lactating plus feels like there’s gas in my tummy is it normal?

  16. I had an abortion 2 weeks and 5 days ago..and I feel bloated.my tommy is bigger..sometimes I have fevers in d night …I bled for 2 days den had spotting for 5 days and passed out q sack…might I still be pregnant

  17. I had a medical abortion on the 12 of October and I pass out clots of blood and it lasted for a week but till now I have bloated stomach and my breast is lactating too what could it be

    1. Hello there Treasure, it is still early days. Everything you have mentioned here seems fine to me.

  18. Hi, I’m Esther. I had a medical abortion on the 10th October, 2018 I was 10weeks pregnant. I bled heavily for 2 days after which the bleeding and cramps stopped. 3 weeks later, the heavy bleeding and cramps suddenly started after which I passed out something I believe to be a foetus. And my tommy bloated up just within a night. My beasts are swollen too. I’m really worried.

    1. Hello there Esther, I would advise that you see your doctor, just to ensure that everything is well.

  19. 2 November 2018 I had a medical abortion. I passed what I believed was everything on that same night… 3 days later I am still bleeding. Its nots spotting, its still really gloopy stringy blood with clots in it. Its not major amounts buts its every time I use the loo.
    My stomach is also still rather large and have been quite constipated.

    Is this all normal and should I expect that amount of blood ?

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