April 24, 2023

574 thoughts on “Bloating After Abortion

  1. Hello
    I had the medical abortion on 22 July(monday) and then on tuesday I took the misoprostol and had heavy cramps and bleed with large clothes. The next day I felt relieved of the pregnancy symptoms but with naf cramps, but on Friday I started having terrible bloating which I still have accompanied by back aches, and lower abdominal cramps. Am o still pregnant?

    1. Hi Treesh, since you were only a few days out from your abortion it quite possibly be because of the abortion itself. Bloating is normal. If at this point (nearly a month later responding to your comment) you should be feeling normal at this point. If not, see your doctor.

  2. Hi. I took 8 tablets misoprostol. I’m 19 weeks pregnant. I didn’t bleed at all. I only got a mild tummy pain and diarrhoea. My tummy is getting bigger. What should I do? I want to complete the abortion process.

    1. Hi Jennifer, if the medical abortion did not complete the cycle and you still want an abortion you would have to go see a doctor. At this point I would recommend that you see them anyway. Nearing the 24 week mark you are looking at the inability anywhere legally to have an abortion, and depending where you live it’s quite possible that you won’t be able to get one at this point. If you do not want to have the child, know that there is also the option of adoption. Still make an appointment with your doctor.

  3. Hi I’m Ann, I aborted 3rd week of may. I bled after an hour and continue after 2 weeks. All the symptoms of pregnancy were gone. But after 2 months I don’t have menstruation yet. When I use medic pregnancy kit it was negative. When i use cheap pregnancy kit, there is a faint line. Im bloated but i do not feel any sign of pregnancy. Does it mean I’m pregnant or what?

    1. Hi Ann, if you had sex during your fertile period after your abortion it’s absolutely possible that you could be pregnant again. I would recommend going to your doctor and have them run a blood test if you are getting conflicting results from your at home tests.

  4. Hello, I had a vacuum aspiration abortion on 3rd august, I bled lightly the first day, the bleeding stopped and it came again after one day which lasted for 5days. Today is the 15th august and I feel my stomach bloated and always feels like sleeping. What could the problem be, I am confused?

    1. Hi Yvonne, it could be possible that your cycle is regulating itself. Sometimes that happens after an abortion. However, if you had sex after having the abortion then it’s quite possible you are pregnant again. I would recommend a pregnancy test if that’s a possibility.

  5. Hi Yvonne, I had an abortion three days ago using surgical method but I had a slight bleeding and after it disappeared. Till now I haven’t seen any bleeding and then my stomach feels so bloated. what could be the problem? thanks.

    1. Hi, it’s possible that your body is still working on regulating itself. It can sometimes take up to 6 weeks for the body to get rid of all the hormones that are associated with pregnancy, which can lead to bloating. Some don’t bleed that much after a surgical abortion due to how far along they were, and because the surgery removes anything that has to do with being pregnant (other than the hormones). You should anticipate feeling back to normal after about 4-6 weeks. Give it time.

  6. Hello, I was 13 weeks pregnant when I had my abortion 6 days ago. I had gained 5 lbs. I still have not lost an ounce and I have been eating the same (I eat a very low carb diet to begin with as I had lost 90 lbs recently). So I don’t understand why I’m not losing yet. Is there a timeframe where you stay swollen and bloated from the pregnancy even after it has ended? Help me!

  7. Hi am Diana
    I had medical abortion on 16 of September and l bled for 5days after 1 week my stomach started bloating and l took antacid. Is it normal?

  8. I had abortion on 21st sept I bled not so much and on 25th the same month cramping came and I bled normal for 3 days . immediately after that my stomach is so bloated I feel full could I be still pregnant?

  9. I was 3 and half weeks pregnant and I had abortion I have been bleeding for 2weeks and I’m bloating too. I tested and it still shows positive. I’m still bleeding but it’s drop by drop

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