April 25, 2023

Why is my period late

Why is my period late? Like many women who are asking this question, it is highly likely that you are not trying to get pregnant. There are a number of reasons why your period might be delayed or it might not come any at all. The information below will highlight some of these reasons to help you understand more about this situation.

Aside from pregnancy, the reasons for delayed or missed period are quite diverse. In order to establish the real reason for your late period, you have to consider certain factors like your age. This means pre-menopause or sexual maturity age.

Why is my period late?

You could have missed periods if you are using oral contraceptives, under stress, maintaining a poor diet or during climate changes. Some of these will be looked at briefly below.

Stress and anxiety is one of the main reasons for missed or late period. Typical reasons for missed or late period are circumstances when you are severely stressed and experiencing anxiety for long time periods. Psychological and emotional problems could manifest physically to potentially disturb your normal menstrual cycle. Your hormones could get out of control and contribute to your late menstruation. To avoid this and help your hormone to function normally, you should take some time to relax in comfortable surroundings.

Some treatments or medication can also cause late period and a delay in your monthly cycle. This is normally one of the common side effects of birth control pills. There are some types of contraception which contribute heavily to missed periods. This is why it is important to check the medicines very carefully to know if any side effects are related to your hormonal conditions. It is also not a good idea to self-medicate.

Pregnancy is the very first thing to consider when you miss a period if you are sexually active. You cannot disregard this reason when you have a delayed or missed period. It is possible to get pregnant even if you engage in sexual intercourse during menstruation. Besides that, you can get pregnant if you are not taking your birth control pills on a regular basis.

If your period is not late for any of the above mentioned reasons and it’s delayed for about three months after the expected date, you should consult a healthcare professional. Your late period could be related to physical or hormonal changes, which can range from hormone to menopause problems. Some of the other possible reasons could stem from age or certain pathogens in your body. It’s very important to get medical or physical checks done to know the exact reasons for your delayed or late period.

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2 thoughts on “Why is my period late

  1. I’m 46 & my period is 6 days late..I have cramping & can squeeze a tiny drop of colostrum out of my nipples..
    I nursed 4 kids previously!
    Still getting bfn results
    Should I get a blood test?
    Or wait another week to take a hpt?

    1. you already had a few pregnancies ! the symptoms as you can know can look alike or be completely different, one round to another… 46 … I don’t want to be harsh but the few months before the menaupose the hormones are rushing in every direction… it is a possibility , the desire of carrying a child or good memory of it … can trigger your symptoms as well, but with a few days late … even a pee on the stick test from the drugstore will reveal if you are pregnant or not, it is a quick way to clear up your mind of the worriedness

      good luck !

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