April 25, 2023

What to do if my period is late

If you have ever had a late or missed period, you will know what it’s like to worry or panic. Of course, this will happen if you are not trying to get pregnant or conceive. There are some good reasons for late periods which don’t involve pregnancy. Since you are reading this article you might want to know what you should do if your period is late.

A menstrual period is late if it’s overdue for five or more days based on your normal pattern. It would be considered missed if you are not seeing a menstrual flow for six or more weeks. In some cases, you don’t have to worry if your period is later or earlier than normal as this might be a symptom of a medical condition that you can treat.

Some of the common reasons why you would stop getting normal periods include the use of contraception, pregnancy, menopause, breastfeeding, stress, depression, poor nutrition, extreme weight loss, certain drugs, ongoing illness, too much exercising, obesity or sudden weight gain, thyroid gland disorders, hormonal imbalances which are linked to polycystic ovarian syndrome and tumors in the ovaries.

What to Do If My Period Is Late

You can start by visiting your doctor to get the correct diagnosis. Your doctor will need to know when your menstrual periods occur as well as how long they usually last. In addition to that, you could make some simple lifestyle changes to get your period back on track.

One of the changes would be to eat healthy foods and maintain a steady body weight. Regular exercise and a balanced diet will be helpful if you are overweight. You could get help from a healthcare provider or a nutritionist to know the most appropriate weight to maintain.

If you are undergoing severe stress, you should consider counseling.
Always use a birth control if you are having sex. Your doctor can recommend the best methods out of the available options.

You should cut back on your exercising until your normal period resumes if you are following a strenuous program.
Take a pregnancy test for a late period of five or more days. Most clinics and private doctors offer confidential testing as well as counseling.

Last but not least, it is advisable to visit a gynecologist or doctor for more than one missed or late period. He or she can help you to figure out the problem and determine whether or not it can be resolved. You might have to change your birth control method or the dosage, use a different medication that is prescribed for other health problems and so on. It is very important to tell the health professional about all the supplements/medications that you are using as well as about any medical conditions.

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  1. my period was Jan 14 feb 13 march 14 and april 8 then may 13.
    I stopped birth controll pill from april 8 so that is one month and then i started taking again last may 13. I notice some changes in my areola and nipple its darker its sore and tender before period and goes off after the period. but still its dark and have a tingling sensation specially when it is called had unprotected sex since I went of the pill for a month. took pregnancy test on april 7 11 and 17 came out negative. i’m not nauseated and don’t feel dizzy.

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